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2-for-1 Holiday Promotion from Manifest Life

by @ 1:00 am on December 18, 2006.

“This is equivalent to a gym membership to a person’s inner-most world, without the monthly fees…I wouldn’t go a week without having access.” – Sandra Boserma, Portal Member

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It’s the holiday season.

And the task of “gift giving” is foremost on your mind. A bike for Johnny, an iPod for Susan, a laptop for Dave, a book for Tonya.

Well, you get the idea … bottomline: it’s the time of year to be in a mode of ‘thinking about others,’ more than yourself.

But, just what are you supposed to do when time, distance, or unknowingness (of the person’s wants) keep you from purchasing the PERFECT gift?

We all know physical “things” we could buy (like a toys, clothes, or household items, etc) or “things” we could make (like a custom picture fame), but how bout this:


What if, instead, you could give something intangible, but still completely PERFECT for just about anyone who receives it?

If I asked you this question: “Who do you immediately think of when you think of somebody with above-average success, a magical lifestyle, or extraordinary goal-achieving abilities?” . . . you’d come up with a name or two within minutes.

So, what if somebody on your list this year isn’t living this kind of life, but could if they had access to the right secrets?

Did you know one “Ah-Ha” moment can change a person’s life in unstoppable, life-expanding ways?

I’m writing you today because I know about a one-stop-shop central learning resource that reveals the most effective ways to manifest desires and dreams – bigger, better, and faster than anybody has ever accomplished before.

It’s an online members-only library that houses over 60 hours of audio and video conversation and lessons with some of the world top spiritual growth experts, manifesting mentors, and metaphysical teachers.

The folks who operate this resource wholeheartedly believe that the purpose of life is to learn, grow and develop, get fantastic results, and have fun while doing it.

And, when you go to this link, you’re certainly see the latter in play:

Click Here

It’s important to have access to / knowledge of various ‘tools for the soul’ and it’s just as important to be part of a community where you can learn from some of the most knowledgeable, most respected, and most results-driven, fun-loving teachers available.

And, the best part is, if you take advantage of their generous Holiday Offer between Dec 18th and Jan 7th, you can give-away FREE access to this same resource to one special person in your life.

I promise you that this GIFT will serve you, and one person in your life, for months and years to come.

Go to this webpage to SEE and HEAR what I mean:

Click here

The best of all to you and yours this holiday season and always,

from the folks at

P.S. Milk, as the T.V. commercial says, may do a body good; but, Manifesting does LIFE – your Life – that much better. And, it’s the GIFT that keeps on giving: Click hereикони

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